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  • Sarah Roberts

Unexpected benefits of our fitness program ...

Hey beauties!

We recently relaunched our 12 week fitness programme and are loving being back! As expected, we’re seeing our lovely women getting fitter and stronger by the week. But after speaking with our members, we’ve also noticed our programme has a huge impact in some areas that you may find unexpected.

Leaving Lockdown

The past year has seen living room workouts and online trainers take over. Women have had to go it alone somewhat with no 'in person' contact, without guidance and old school community - it’s so easy to lose motivation. Thanks to our programme, we’re bringing routine back and staying on track - together!


Designed to be inclusive for all ability levels, our programmes welcome all sorts of women; different lifestyles, careers, likes and dislikes, body shapes all with previous fitness and dieting routines. We have loved seeing new friendships blossom within this lively, like-minded and loveable group. Plus, our qualified and experienced trainer raises the energy, maintains the focus and helps everyone reach their goals.

Mental Health

Our programme is positive and uplifting. We provide an environment for you to treat and care for yourself! At the moment, workouts take place outdoors in beautiful Whittington. Getting the endorphins flowing and teamed with fresh summer air, work wonders for mental health!

Extra Pocket Money

At only £30 per month for access to all workouts, our programme costs less than the average gym membership. We also offer a FREE, no obligation session for fitness testing and personalised advice on technique and form each session. We will soon be launching an online platform to assist you further with staying on track too!

With all these benefits and more, there’s really no reason not to get involved.

Thanks for reading, beauties!

Lots of love,

Natural Definition Team x

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