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  • Sarah Roberts

Thread Vein Removal

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Did you know you can get thread veins and spider veins removed? We’re offering a new, non-surgical treatment, which removes veins and broken capillaries in just one session!

Thread veins cause patches of blue or red in your skin, and can sometimes feel like they’re taking over! Without thread veins, you can feel gorgeous and confident in your own skin.

We use our 3D-Vasculase machine. It comes with a tiny 980nm laser, which we use to target unwanted veins and broken blood vessels. Red blood cells in thread veins absorb heat from the laser. This causes the thread vein to close down. Then the body absorbs the vein, making it disappear.

Our technicians are trained to use the 3D-Vasculase machine safely. We aim the laser precisely at the treatment area, without causing any damage to surrounding areas. Depending on your pain threshold, you may experience discomfort. However, it is not an intense pain, and the feeling will go away quickly. There won’t be any scarring.

Usually, only one treatment is needed. You can even watch as the vein disappears during your treatment!

We charge £95 for small areas (e.g. cheek) and £180 for large areas (e.g. leg). Book online!

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