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  • Sarah Roberts

The Silent Treatment

Hey beauties!

You’re all superheroes! With your days packed with work, stress, kids and noise, you deserve some quiet time to yourself.

We want you to know you can come to the salon to escape and have some well earned 'me time' while you get pampered. Some ladies love a chat (and so do we!), but everyone is different! Your beauty treatment is about YOU and what you need.

That’s why we introduced The Silent Treatment.

This style of treatment is getting very popular at the moment as lockdown eases. The past year has been difficult for us all, and lots of people are struggling with anxiety and stress. Plus, starting to leave the house again has left a lot of us feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. With 'The Silent Treatment', you can have a time-out from the chaos and enjoy a wonderfully calm beauty appointment.

When booking your appointment, let us know you’d like to add The Silent Treatment. We can make sure your appointment runs smoothly with no small talk and no pressure. You can add this to your appointment when booking online too - it is an additional add on service - select this too when booking your treatment of choice.

As you will arrive at the salon, we will briefly discuss your treatment. Then, you can relax and enjoy some much needed peace and quiet. Bring your headphones or take in the delicious silence while we work. You can feel free to talk as much or as little as you like, with absolutely no judgement from us.

Thanks for reading, beauties!

Lots of love,

Natural Definition Team x

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