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Safe, Effective Laser Hair Removal - With No Pain!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

We are the first ever clinic in Worcester providing 3D Trilogy ICE laser hair removal! We’re so excited to get started.

It’s more than just hair removal. Unlike other methods, laser hair removal actually prevents regrowth. Beams of light enter the skin, and this light is absorbed by pigment in hair follicles. The structure of hair follicles is damaged, so the hair cannot grow back. That means you get lasting results! Your hair won’t grow back. No more endless shaving, tweezing and waxing!

The 3D Trilogy ICE is effective for all hair types. It uses three wavelengths to achieve maximum results (far more than single wavelengths!). This method of laser hair removal is safer, more comfortable, and more effective than any other method.

Traditional single wavelength systems can cause trauma to the skin. The 3D Trilogy ICE gradually heats the skin to damage the hair follicle, avoiding injury to all surrounding areas. The applicator on the innovative 3D Trilogy ICE cools the skin surface during treatment. Unlike all other laser hair removal systems, the 3D Trilogy ICE does not cause pain. That’s right - you can get laser hair removal without any pain!

If you’re getting laser hair removal in an area usually covered by clothing, you will need to remove some clothing. At Natural Definition, we do all we can to ensure your privacy. Laser hair removal appointments all take place in our private Relaxation Room, where you can undress and get comfortable while we wait outside, and only one technician will be in the room with you during treatment.

Most clients see a 90% reduction in hair growth after a course of treatment. Occasionally, depending on the client, top-up sessions may be needed 2-4 times a year. ​The length of each session will depend on the size of the treatment area. We recommend a course of eight treatments for optimal results.

Mini areas, eg. lip: £30 per session

Small areas, eg. half face: £50 per session

Medium areas, eg. half leg: £75 per session

Large areas, eg. full leg: £125 per session

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