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'My first hairdressing experience' - Holly

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

As a regular customer (and part-time employee!), I was so excited to hear that Natural Definition would be taking on a hairdresser. As soon as Morgan joined the team, I booked my first hairdressing appointment with her.

I took a look at the services Morgan offers, but wasn’t sure which option to go for. I’ve had crazy colours in the past (including bright pink followed by aqua green…). But, this time, I wanted something a little more classic.

Having never gotten highlights or foil treatments before, I asked Morgan for her opinion. During my patch test, I was able to ask about the difference between full head, half head and T-section treatments. We decided together to adapt the T-section treatment, which usually focuses on the top of the head, and add a couple of foils around the rest of my hair too.

Next step: colour. Like I said, I wanted a classic look. But I still wanted something fun and a little different. I found some pictures and showed Morgan, and immediately she came up with the perfect colour. We went for a red toner which would create copper-coloured highlights.

After a few days and no reaction to the patch test, I arrived at the salon for my appointment. Morgan was just finishing up with her client, so I took a seat in the waiting area. The salon has music playing, and drinks available, so it’s always a lovely wait!

Morgan called me over to Natural Definition’s hairdressing station, and I took a seat. First, she asked me if I’d like a drink or if I needed anything. Next, she began separating my hair. We talked through the final look I wanted again, and she got to work with the foils. (The salon has foils with brilliant designs to make appointments extra fun.)

The bleach developed within the foils for the next 45 minutes. After so many failed attempts to bleach my own hair as a teenager, I was shocked at how much the colour lifted this time! Morgan rinsed my hair, applied the red toner, and left it to develop.

We talked about how bright I’d like the highlights to be, and decided to rinse out the toner before it got too dark. After a full wash with Wella shampoo and conditioner (which smells gorgeous!), Morgan dried my hair. She styled it beautifully, giving it a natural looking wave.

Finally, once I was completely thrilled with my new look, Morgan showed me to the reception desk. While we sorted payment, I received some valuable aftercare advice. I left feeling confident and received so many compliments over the next few days. I’m still loving my look, and I can’t wait to come back for another treatment with Morgan.

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