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Herbalife: Your Questions Answered

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Hey beauties!

Our bodies need so many nutrients! It can be a huge challenge to make sure we have just the right balance of vitamins, minerals and more. Just learning what the body needs takes up our precious time and energy. We love Herbalife because they’ve done all the research for us.

What’s in Herbalife?

Herbalife Nutrition has developed products that supplement our diets. This means we can get all the nutrients we need without the hassle. These products are backed by science, and designed by nutritional experts. They include:

Vitamins - like B6 to help with hormone balance, and B12 to increase energy

Calcium - to keep bones healthy

Zinc - to maintain beautiful skin, hair and nails

And lots more!

Can Herbalife Help Me Lose Weight?

Short answer: yes! Nutritionally dense, low calorie meals are available. With these meals, you can make sure you stay healthy while consuming fewer calories. But it’s important to remember this is no quick fix. These products are designed to work alongside other healthy habits, like exercise, healthy eating, proper hydration, and more.

Beauties, please bear in mind, it’s not all about losing or gaining weight. We’re talking about changing our lifestyles to become a healthier version of ourselves. Sometimes that means losing weight, but we prefer to look at body composition.

Can Herbalife Fit Around My Lifestyle?

Absolutely! We love helping busy women make healthy living work for them. We’ll offer advice and products that work around your tastes and your schedule.

What Support is Available?

It takes accountability and guidance to maintain healthy habits. We offer Nutritional Coaching, motivating women to achieve their goals.

Our very own Sarah used Herbalife Nutrition in her own health journey back in 2015. She saw fantastic results. Sarah loves Herbalife and has trained to offer programmes to help others change their lives. She’d love to meet you, so be sure to get in contact!

Where Can I Get Herbalife Products?

A great question - we cannot recommend these products enough. You can buy them here on our online store!

The Natural Definition Team x

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