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  • Sarah Roberts

Cavitation: My Experience

Cavitation: a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Ideal for circumference loss for example, waist, hips, thighs. Ultrasound shrinks the fat cells within a large area, whilst avoiding any harm to all other cells in the process.

" To start with, a consultation was held with one of the salon's therapists to select a suitable treatment and ensure that there was no reasons as to why treatment couldn't go ahead. My chosen area was my lower stomach, which was then drawn on with a surgical pen to section ready for the treatment. An ultrasound gel was applied to the area below my belly button and the handpiece was then placed onto my stomach, slight pressure was applied while the machine was then moved in circular motions. This was not painful at all; I did expect more sensation but in fact as the area became warm it was soothing and pretty relaxing. When the machine touches the skin, there is a slight buzzing that I could hear throughout treatment, but the therapist could not hear this - which was very surreal! This noise is very normal for the procedure. The circular movements administered continue for 5 minutes on each section of the chosen area. I was really pleased with the treatment and now looking forward to my second cavitation treatment. " - Meg, Marketing assistant.

It is important to note that this procedure can only be performed for 40 minutes per week. Within consultation, we discuss your concerns, medical history, lifestyle and development the best treatment plan for you.

Start your body contouring today, it all starts with a consultation.

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