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Behind the scenes with publer scheduler

Hey beauties!

Welcome to the Natural Definition blog. Come and take a look behind the scenes!

Our Academy features lots of courses based on running and marketing your business. Here’s a sneak peek into marketing on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Google. We want to introduce you to Publer, our go-to social media management software!


What is Publer?

Publer exists to take the stress out of marketing online. It makes it easy to manage all of our social media in the same place! We especially love the scheduling and analysing features, but Publer has lots of other features available.

How does Publer work?

Scheduling is crucial for effective social media marketing campaigns. With this Publer feature, we can create several posts at once for different accounts across multiple platforms.

Publer makes it easy to select a date and time for specific posts to be published. This is useful if the post is themed around a holiday, for example, Valentine’s Day. It is also perfect for creating countdowns to big events or announcing special offers that expire on specific dates.

We most frequently use Publer’s AutoSchedule option. After a quick set-up, we now have a repeating schedule that allows us to publish content regularly. This saves us so much time and stress! Meaning that ultimately, our main focus can always remain with our customers.

Thanks to Publer’s Analytics feature, we know the perfect times to schedule our posts!

Analysing your posts’ performance is crucial in social media marketing. Publer provides clear details of every posts’ reach, clicks, views, likes, comments and saves - all in one place! We can see the times and days our posts go out, and see which get the most attention.

As we want our content seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible, we plan our schedule according to Publer’s valuable analytics!

Plus, Publer creates clear graphs to show how our accounts are growing. This helps us see which accounts are performing well, and which may need a little more attention.

How do we use Publer?

Here’s a basic tutorial, showing you how to create a post and schedule it on Publer!

Step 1: Uploading Photos and Videos

Publer provides a Media Library, where you can store any photos or videos you want to share at a later date. This makes it easy to find your content - it’s all here in one place!

Step 2: Choosing Your Post’s Media

Before you create a caption for a post, it helps to know what image or video you’ll be using. We browse through our media library and click on the perfect one.

Step 3: Share Your Media

Once you’ve chosen your photo or video, click “Share Media” so you can write your caption and select an account to post it to.

Step 4: Choose Your Account

Publer allows you to post to multiple accounts from one place. Select the account or accounts this post is for from the menu on the right.

Step 5: Create Your Post

Write your post’s caption. We love Publer’s customise feature, which allows you to write different captions for different accounts. As Facebook and Instagram have different demographics, we like to change up the phrasing of our captions accordingly. (We also love emojis!)

Step 6: Schedule Your Post

When you’re finished, hit schedule. You can choose whether to schedule your post for a specific date and time, or AutoSchedule based on your regular posting times.

Step 7: How Did It Go?

Check in to see how your posts perform on social media. You can view either weeks or months at a time. Take a look at reach, clicks, views and shares for all your recent posts.

Publer makes our social media posting quick and simple!

Try publer for yourself by clicking here

Stay tuned for more blog posts,

Natural Definition Team x

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