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Liquid Lipo

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We are one of the only providers of Liquid Lipo in the West Midlands! This incredible product launched in June 2020 as the world's first and only fat dissolving gel. 


Liquid Lipo, our fat dissolving gel, can be administered in the salon or at home. Home kits are available to buy at the salon, with plenty of instructions to make sure you use the product safely and effectively. We also offer Thermogenesis, a stronger formula that can only be administered in the salon by our trained practitioners.

How to use Liquid Lipo...

First, fully exfoliate the area you want to treat. Next, apply the fat dissolving gel and wrap the area tightly for up to 1 hour (in the salon) or 2 hours (at home). After removing the wrap, you can continue your day as usual! Thermogenesis is applied in the same way, but left for a much shorter period due to the strength of the product.

When will I see results?

You will likely see results very quickly, especially if you follow our application and aftercare guidance. You can lose 1-2 inches within just one week of treatment!

How does Liquid Lipo work?

The fat dissolving gel affects the subcutaneous layer of fat. Thermogenesis reaches the subcutaneous layer of fat, and penetrates deeper to dissolve fat trapped in muscles or visceral (hard) fat. 



















Can Liquid Lipo treat scars and lipomas?

Yes! Thermogenesis is the only product in the world that can break down scar tissue and lipomas (hard lumps of fat under the skin). Remember, this product can only be applied in the salon.

Combine Liquid Lipo & 3D Lipo for incredible results...

Using Liquid Lipo in combination with Cavitation or Radio Frequency can DOUBLE the results of these treatments! We apply the product and wrap the area, leaving it to work for 15-30 minutes. Then we perform Cavitation or Radio Frequency. 

Why is the wrap necessary?

The wrap's function is to encourage penetration of the product by holding it close to the skin and not letting it evaporate into the air. It is not like old-fashioned wrap products designed for weight loss, as these only lead to loss of water. Liquid Lipo products have been proven to remove fat (not water) in 95% of people.

How can I prepare for treatment?

Drink plenty of water (2 litres a day) and avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before application. This will flush out toxins and ensure fat is properly broken down so you can see the best possible results. Exfoliate the treatment area ahead of application, too! We recommend taking your measurements before application, so you can see the difference.

What do I need to do after application?

Once the wrap has been removed, make sure you continue drinking plenty of water. If you don't stay hydrated, you may develop a headache as your body struggles to remove broken down fat through natural processes. If you develop a headache, please drink more water. 

Your skin in the treated area may feel sensitive after application. This is normal, and will go away within a couple of hours. 

Don't drink alcohol for at least 24 hours after treatment. This is important as the body burns off alcohol before fat, meaning the product will only burn off the alcohol you drink and be much less effective in burning fat. 

Where can I apply Liquid Lipo?

You can use Liquid Lipo products on the belly, arms, bum, thighs, chin, hips, and more! 

How does it work?

The product is carried through the skin using essential oils. It shrinks fat cells, causing them to release fat stores within the cells. These fat stores are then removed through the body's safe, natural processes. It is important to drink plenty of water to help your body as it work to remove these fat stores. 

What are the benefits of Liquid Lipo?

Losing fat has a range of benefits. Not only will this help you achieve the figure of your dreams, it will also have huge health benefits. Losing fat will decrease risk of Diabetes, Cancers, Stroke, High Blood Pressure and more! 

In comparison to liposuction or fat dissolving injections, Liquid Lipo is not at all invasive, and much cheaper and safer. You need no recovery time, so can carry on with your day as usual following application (even wearing the wrap while cooking or doing jobs around the house!). 

Is it safe?

Yes! As long as you avoid broken skin, and don't use the product while you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you'll be absolutely safe. As of yet, there have been no reported side effects when Liquid Lipo is used correctly.

Will Liquid Lipo work for me?

Following years of clinical trials, Liquid Lipo effectively removed fat in 95% of participants (that's even more reliable than some Covid-19 vaccines!). It is very likely Liquid Lipo will help you lose fat, especially if you follow our advice on preparation and aftercare.

A standalone Liquid Lipo treatment takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, and costs £60. For Thermogenesis, treatment takes 45 minutes and costs £80. Using Liquid Lipo in addition to Cavitation or Radio Frequency will take the usual time and cost the same as these 3D Lipo treatments, PLUS 45 minutes and £35 for Liquid Lipo (or 30 minutes and £55 for Thermogenesis).

Our home kits will become available very soon!

Home Kits include:

60ml of Liquid Lipo fat dissolving gel (enough for 3 applications)

Contour bandages (wrap)

Exfoliation gloves

Application gloves

Instructions for use

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