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Why do I need a patch test?
If you are receiving a hair colouring treatment, you must have a patch test at least 24 hours before your appointment. This will ensure you do not have an allergic reaction to our products. Even if you’ve dyed your hair at home or had your hair dyed professionally before, you must have a patch test with us. 

This is free and takes less than 5 minutes.

Are children allowed?
Girls are very welcome! We don’t have a trained barber at the moment, but Mollie (our hairdresser) will be taking this training soon.


What products do we use?
Our shampoos, conditioners and hair masks come from Wella. We use their deep nourishing range for its versatility, as it leaves a broad range of hair types looking healthy and hydrated. 






















How do I book an appointment?
We do accept walk ins, but we can't guarantee availability. Please book an appointment using our online booking system where possible (even if you're on your way to us!)

What happens during an appointment?
You’ll arrive at the salon, and have a seat in our waiting area (or go straight to the hairdressing station if it is available). We can offer you a coffee, tea or cold drink. We will talk about what you’re looking to achieve from your appointment, and then proceed with your booked service(s). For more information on our specific services, see below.

Blow Dry
This is more than just the finishing touch to a cut and blow dry! You’ll have your hair styled to perfection in a relaxing pamper session. We wash your hair with luxury shampoos and conditioners. Then, our excellent hairdresser will blow dry your luscious locks. 


You can choose your style: straight or curled, bouncy or sleek. This means getting a blow dry is perfect for a day when you’ve got an event. (Or if you just want to treat yourself!) Giving your hair a little bit of time and expertise makes all the difference - you’ll see a transformation that simply cannot be achieved at home.  




















Cut & Blow Dry
This is the perfect option if you’re looking to maintain your current style, and give it a little love. First, we wash your hair with our luxury shampoos and conditioners. Then, we trim your hair, removing any split ends, so that your hair looks healthy and nourished. Finally, we blow dry your hair and make sure you leave thrilled with your look. If you’re looking for a whole new ‘do, consider a restyle.

A restyle is much more than a haircut. If you’re looking for more layers, texture, undercuts, or significant lengths cut - go for a restyle! Our hairdresser will give your hair the time and attention it deserves to make sure you’re happy with your all new ‘do.

Hair Up Consultation 
Do you have an event coming up? Maybe a wedding, or a prom?
We can create an amazing hairstyle for your special day. Book a Hair Up Consultation to talk through exactly what you want, and we’ll quote you a price. 


Root Tint 
Our root tints are suitable for those with coloured hair, or those with natural hair colour looking to cover greys. We use permanent dye to cover up to an inch of regrowth. If you have more than an inch of regrowth, we recommend a full head colour.






Full Head Colour
This uses permanent dye, applied from the roots to the very ends of the hair. We offer:

Please book a patch test ahead of your appointment.

Full Head Foils 
We separate strands of hair, apply colour or lightener to them, and then wrap them in foil. The foil allows us to control which parts of the hair are dyed and prevents the colour spreading to the rest of the hair. The foil also traps heat, helping the lightener lift colour more effectively. If you’re getting highlights for the first time, or following more than an inch of regrowth, we recommend full head foils. Please book a patch test ahead of your appointment.

Half Head Foils 
This treatment is perfect for anyone with highlights that have grown out. We can cover up to an inch of regrowth. Please book a patch test before your appointment.



T-Section Foils 
If you’re looking to brighten up your hair and add dimension, without completely changing the colour, go for T-section foils. We focus on the top of the head and crown area. The result is gorgeous hair colour incorporating highlights and shadow. Please book a patch test ahead of your appointment.

Toner (additional service) 
If you are lightening your hair to a blonde shade, we recommend having toner applied. This neutralises any warm, brassy tones leaving the hair looking lighter, shinier and healthier. You can add this treatment onto foils, root tints and full head colours.


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